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From: Mike Stromsoe
Monday 9:07am
Murrieta, CA

How would you like to save up to 37% on your home auto or business insurance? Hi, I'm Mike Stromsoe, The Insurance Doctor™. Are you looking for the place where you can save both your time and money when dealing with insurance. Well if so, you have arrived.

No more need to shop the Internet or call insurance brokers or agents in the yellow pages. As an independent insurance agent I shop the market for you. Saving you both time and your valuable money and guaranteeing that you're getting the best value for your insurance dollar.

Are you also sick and tired of endless voicemail, e-mail, poor customer service and your insurance agent not calling you back. We're a family owned insurance agency that has been insuring California residents since 1977. We're real live people. Not some faceless corporation or 1-800 company found on the Internet. We're real live people that live and work in the community, just like you.

Inside the site, when you leave your first name and e-mail below, is a simple one page application that you can fill out, literally in three to four minutes, press submit and then I start working on your behalf, shopping your business to different insurance companies across the U.S., making sure you're getting the best protection at the best rate possible.

So let's get started. What I need you to do right now is leave your first name and primary e-mail below. Always remember that I take your privacy extremely serious and hate spam just as much as you do. So your email is safe with us and used for insurance purposes only.

So please fill in your first name, e-mail and the submit button, and I'll see you inside the site.

Mike Stromsoe, President

Stromsoe Insurance Agency
24910 Las Brisas Rd., Suite 117
Murrieta, CA 92562
Lic #0D06577

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